Antibody Production and Purification

GE Healthcare HiScreen™ MabSelect™, Xtra™, SuRe™, SuRe LX™ Prepacked Columns

Designed for method optimization and parameter screening for capture of monoclonal antibodies.   GE Healthcare HiScreen™ MabSelect™, Xtra™, SuRe™, SuRe LX™ Prepacked Columns come ready-to-use  for convenience. HISCREEN MABSELECTXTRA

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ StrepMAB-Classic, HRP Conjugate

For detection of N- or C-terminal or internal Strep-tag™ II specific monoclonal antibody 75 UG STREPMAB-CLASSIC HRP CONJUGATE (STREP-TAGII-HRP conjugate), 25-30 Western blots 75µg Store

IBA Lifesciences™ StrepMAB™ -Immuno

100 UG STREPMAB-IMMO, MURINE HIGH AFFINITY STREP-Tag II specificmonoclonal IgG1, purified 100µg

Millipore™ Protein G Media Affinity Chromatography

Media Affinity chromatography 100mL ProSep-G

GE Healthcare Blotting Paper Disks

X100 Blotting paper GE Healthcare disks (80603098)